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Message from the Director NURSPH

by ilovelearning — last modified 2011-03-18 13:37

Welcome to the National University of Rwanda School of Public Health

National University of Rwanda School of Public Health is still undergoing its metamorphosis. There is in fact a constant and marked change in its appearance, character, condition, and function since its creation in the year 2000. After the embryonic stage, the school has continued to grow and has now reached maturity. 

For instance, The NURSPH academic staff members are now even more qualified with diversified fields of specialization.Its organizational structure is in the process of adjusting to that of a high-performing institution in spite of obvious work overloads and the real need for staffing. Concerning the scope of its partnerships, NURSPH is the very image of Rwanda. The school is continuously playing an active role in the sub-region, the region, the continent and the wider world of academia. For instance, the school is undertaking PhD research supervision with different partners: African, American, and European. It is with this that we, at NURSPH, are today proud to be graduating 65 MPH and MSc Epidemiology students, more than those we have graduated in the last 10 years.
In terms of our programs fields of training are equally extending beyond the two previous programmes (MPH and MSc Epidemiology) at the request of the Rwanda Ministry of Health. In our response to the urgent needs of the country, a Masters Programme in Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Management has been introduced while a Masters in Hospital
and Health Management (MHA), (relating to training of health sector managers), is in the pipeline. Also, in the near future, the National University of Rwanda School of Public Health will have more than one regional centre of excellence.
All this is genuinely being greeted with a good sense of humility as we are conscious of the fact that we still have
more to learn from others and each other.

All in all, may I exhort all my colleagues at the school to make it our own, this Benedictines’ rule of conduct: “In labore requies” - Resting by working! In so doing, we will be graciously rewarded when we have a well trained and qualified next generation.

Prof. Jean-Baptiste Kakoma

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